Welcome to the Source, glad to see you!

Well hello there, intrepid explorer, and welcome to this awesome place built for learning, sharing, chatting, and discovery. Welcome to the Source

We put together this community to give technical users that get their hands dirty with development, security, and related technologies a way to gather around the virtual water cooler. We want to swap stories, solutions, best practices, and give a place for each of us to reach out and ask questions, get clarification, or share the cool things we’re working on.

There will be plenty of cool Checkmarx content put out here, technical solutions showing how to get the most out of the platform, how-to style video walk throughs, interviews with industry experts and more. That said, we are very supportive and in fact encourage general industry and tech banter. Want to know how others are managing their prem to cloud migration planning? Trying to figure out how to scale your code scanning methods by more tightly integrating them into your CI/CD pipeline automation? Looking for some ideas on how to tighten up your security practices with open source? Well you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got content of lots of forms, but a few pillars that we believe in are worth noting:

Learn: Here’s where you’ll find the latest articles and blog posts contributed to the Source community by trusted community members and Checkmarx employees alike. These will often be solution focused, how-to style docs that tackle a specific issue, concept, or solution (articles), or more opinion based posts talking about a specific experience, toying with some more esoteric concepts, or just giving a run down on something someone thinks is cool, like this intro post (blogs)

Discuss: The heart and soul of almost any community, discussion forums. If you’re looking to ask questions, directly interact with other members, see what people are talking about or snag the latest answer to a question you’ve been watching, this is where you’ll want to be. We highly encourage people to engage with each other around a variety of development and security topics, and we’ll be happy to weight in often where we feel we’ve got value to offer.

Watch: If you’ve only got a few minutes or you really want the step by step walk through on something, often times a video is the way to go. We’ve got those too! Take a look to see what’s cooking lately in the “Watch” section for the latest videos ranging from presentations straight from Black Hat to How to pieces on open source security and more, we try to curate and create technically focused content that’ll add value quickly so you can be efficient with how you spend your time.

There’s a lot more to the Source than that! We’ve got Events, Vulnerabilities, and even a monthly Comic that I’m unreasonably stoked to get to help with and work with talented artists to bring original geek humor with dev and sec focus to life. But the best way to get a feel for things is to Sign Up and see for yourself.

If you’ve got questions, suggestions, or otherwise, I look forward to seeing you in the forums. Until then, code on.