MindAPI - lets make API Security testing easier

Hello everyone,
I have a personal project called MindAPI - https://github.com/dsopas/MindAPI - which was created because I love mindmaps and API security.
With that in mind I decided to not only create a shared mindmap but an online version - https://dsopas.github.io/MindAPI/play/.

Its open for contributions from everyone.
Feel free also to give me your feedback. :smiley:

BTW, all contributions to the project get an exclusive sticker :stuck_out_tongue:

I love this project. Very useful and frequently updated.
I recently recommended it when giving a talk at an OWASP Singapore meetup - The pentesters liked it a lot :slight_smile:


Thanks @Erez
I was hoping for more contributions from the community but I think people still like to use it and not help improve it.

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Super cool, thanks for sharing with the community!

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You’re welcome @Colin :raised_hands: