Lamar Vandusen

Lamar Vandusen on why your business needs an android app. As the Android OS holds an 85% market share around the world, more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to utilize Android app development customised for their business fulfilling.
Google Play offers over 3 million applications, many with enterprise-friendly features and enhanced security that can help your business succeed, says Lamar Vandusen Many Android application development companies in the US are flourishing and here are a few reasons why a business needs an Android Application.
Top 10 Reasons Why a Business Needs an Android App as per Lamar Vandusen
We check our phones from delivery applications, wellness apps, video counselings application, communications, messages, notifications, alarmingly, and whatnot, says Lamar Vandusen it’s waiting at the bus stop, riding to and from work, all of these situations are prime opportunities to build your customer base by delivering a notification on someone’s mobile phone. Let’s not lag this, here are some reasons why this work needs a mobile app for Androids.

  • A Higher Return On Investment
  • Customisation is easy
  • Simple Marketing and Security
  • Wearable Technology
  • Google Everything
  • TTM has Been Reduced (Time To Market)
  • Development Potential
  • Stage That Is Changing
  • Custom ROMs Installation
    Lamar Vandusen is android developer in Canada