Error when running terragrunt run-all plan

Hi guys,I am new to Kics,I would like to use Kics with Githubactions to verify my terraform plan file.I would like to know if Kics support Terragrunt run-all plan
here is a snippet of my Terragrunt.hcl with my after_hook_plan configuration. Kicks is not scanning my terraform plan

terraform {
after_hook "after_hook_plan" {
commands = ["plan"]
execute = ["sh", "-c", "mkdir -p ${get_parent_terragrunt_dir()}/plans/${path_relative_to_include()}; terraform show -json tfplan.binary > ${get_parent_terragrunt_dir()}/plans/${path_relative_to_include()}/plan.json"]

Githubactions workflow

 - name: Init
        id: init
        run: |
          terragrunt run-all init --terragrunt-non-interactive
      - name: Plan
        id: plan
        run: |
          terragrunt run-all plan -out=tfplan.binary -no-color --terragrunt-non-interactive
      - name: KICS Github Action
        uses: Checkmarx/kics-github-action@v1.4
          # path to file or directory to scan
          path: './modules/'
          # file path to store result in json format
          output_path: # optional
          # defines which non-zero exit codes should be ignored
          ignore_on_exit: results