Checkmarx plugin for SonarQube and Swift project

Hello there,

I have a concern about the Checkmarx plugin for SonarQube on a Swift project.

I am using SonarQube and Checkmarx. I wanted to connect the two together in order to display metrics from Checkmarx into SonarQube. And I did the connection, sort of.

Correct me if I’m wrong, the Checkmarx Plugin also gives multiple Checkmarx Quality profiles depending on languages ?!
But my project is in Swift language, and it seems that there is no “CheckmarxSwift” quality profile provided with Checkmarx Plugin for SonarQube.

My concerns/questions:

Is it possible to display Checkmarx vulnerabilities into SonarQube’s “Cx Report” page and Issues page ? Will there be a CheckmarxSwift Quality profile ?

My Versions:

  • SonarQube:
  • Checkmarx: 9.4.4
  • Checkmarx Plugin for SonarQube: 2021.2.1

I’m wondering if someone had the same problem, or if someone already found a workaround/solution. Maybe it is available in the latest version 2022.3.2 ?!

Thanks, :wink: